Ignition Casino Review - Player Earnings & Withdrawals Explained

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No, we're not talking about the remix here, we're reviewing Ignition Casino and its inner workings! Sit down R&B fans, sorry. But I got excited too for a second there. The early 2000s were my jam. We won't be discussing juicy love making music, we'll be talking about the workings of Ignition Casino.

Our review journey with Ignition Casino begins in 2016 when this casino began its course. Despite this being a short amount of time lapsed, they've really gained a footing in the betting industry. And honestly, we only see them going up from here. So far, users are reporting positive experiences around important factors like withdrawal and deposits.

Ignition is licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission which is in Canada. This particular gaming commission is known for it being a play by the rules group, so you can be sure that fair play is at hand here. It's also a pretty good sign that a scam is not on the agenda for you today. You won't win big and never see your withdrawal, thanks to the gaming commission.

Welcome Bonus: 100% Match Bonus up to 1000
Software: RTG
License: Kahnawake
Established: 2016
Payment Methods: Visa Mastercard Wire Transfer Tether
Games: 300+ Games


  • Geared Toward US Players - Largely geared toward players in the United States, a review of Ignition Casino's website will give that away. That will make it easy for players in the United States to receive their withdrawals or contact customer support to see how long their withdrawal will take!
  • Variety of Games - Our review of Ignition Casino found that there are over 300 games to play on this website. Which is a nice start, but still not as many as veteran sites we're used to playing on. No matter, you'll be able to play, earn, and withdrawal your winnings.


  • Still Too New - Four years really isn't a long time for users to find out how long their withdrawal might take. After a few more years in the betting business and there will be more reviews of Ignition Casino. More input usually means more information for users, like a simple answer the question, "how long does it take to get my withdrawal?!"

A Review of Ignition Casino's Bonuses

Bonuses are available to test how much you might withdrawal later on down the road. How long it takes to see that in your bank account, we might not know! More on this later, though. Just continue reading and stop thinking ahead!

Ignition promotes and offers a welcome bonus, tell-a-friend bonus, and a weekly bonus. The welcome bonus is a 100% match up to $2,000 of your first deposit. If you tell a friend, you'll be awarded 200% of their first deposit. This gives you a chance to earn big and withdrawal your winnings. Nice, huh?

Loyalty and VIP Programs

Though there isn't a specific loyalty program for frequent gamers, you can be rewarded in a different way. You can earn points for dollars wagered. Like always, the more time spent on the website will determine your Ignition Reward status. The more you deposit and withdrawal, the better!

Review Ignition Casino's Customer Support

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There are three ways you can contact someone about your withdrawal; how long does that take again? You can call directly through a support number. You can also contact Ignition digitally through an online contact form and via email. Some users report getting their reply back about how long their withdrawal would take in as little as twelve minutes.

Withdrawals and Deposits

Have I asked? How long does the withdrawal take to be received into my bank account? From our review of Ignition Casino, it takes about one to two days for your request to be approved. After that time period, it's on its way to be delivered to you. From there it will depend on your withdrawal method how long it will take.

Typically, it will take about 5-10 business days for you to get your money. That's quicker than my paycheck! And bonus, if you choose to withdrawal with Bitcoin, you can get your money in about three days. There you have it, the moment you waited for. Are you ready to start playing, now that you know?

Deposits can be made through credit card and Bitcoin, just like withdrawal methods. The process is easy and there aren't any deposit fees. If you need incentive to use Bitcoin as a gambling currency, you should look into it more. You might have some more freedom using the electronic currency for betting purposes. Word on the street.

Types of Games Reviewed at Ignition Casino

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Different gaming software providers will give players a varying experience. If a casino chooses to go with only one provider they run the risk of creating a dull user experience with limited games and options. Knowing just that, this website looked to many different gaming providers to offer their patrons a wide array of game options. The majority of their games do come from Realtime Gaming, an industry veteran.

Mobile and desktop games are available to play, though your selection might look a little different hopping from once device to the next. You can choose to win big and withdrawal by playing games like slots, blackjack, table games, video poker, and other unique games. How long will you spend on this site?

Final Review of Ignition Casino

Though it's still a toddler walking about the betting industry, we're impressed with what's coming from Ignition Casino upon review. They're powerhouses in competition offering both a pleasant winning streak for users with large withdrawals and a not-so-heavy loss for the owner. Going into owning an online casino, especially geared toward the United States, apparently isn't an easy feat.

We hope cleared up some information for you here today. Like addressing how long the withdrawal method takes and what bonuses are available. As time goes on, we're pretty keen to see what happens with this online gambling site. They've only gone up in the last four years and I'm not saying anything, but their catchy name might be helping.